Steel Abrasives - #1 Are you Shot Blasting or Shot Peening efficiently



Tip #1


Are you shot blasting or shot peening efficiently?
Blasting Machine
Did you know....

If the control cages in your shot blast wheels are out of adjustment by as little as 10%, your cleaning efficiency could be reduced by 25% or more as a portion of the steel shot is not hitting the target?


In the diagram to the right, you can see a clockwise-down blast wheel with the HOT SPOT located directly below the right-hand blade.

The location of the HOT SPOT is controlled directly by the setting of the control cage opening which, in this diagram, is set to the 11 o'clock position.

Blast Wheel - Correct alignment

In the diagram to the right, you can see that the HOT SPOT is coming off the blade too early.

This means the HOT SPOT is not only reduced in size and efficiency, but it also blasts into the end liner causing premature wear and increased operating costs.

Blast Wheel - Incorrect alignment

By making some simple adjustments to your machine, you can reduce the amount of wear,
increase your productivity plus save money on wasted abrasive.