Steel Abrasives - #2 Choosing the Right Steel Abrasive


Tip #2


Choosing the right steel abrasive for your Airblast Room

Did you know that Chilled Iron Grit maintains its angular profile better than Tempered Steel Grit?

Selecting the right grit

Chilled Iron Grit is manufactured by quelling the molten steel with water while it is still hot - producing a more angular and brittle particle - these particles will split on impact with the substrate.

The additional particles hit the surface thus increasing blasting speed. They will always maintain their sharp edges providing a speed increase of 8-12% compared with standard Tempered Steel Grit.

The angular shape gives a more consistent profile and superior coating adhesion.

Tempered Steel Grit is not brittle and is rounded by shot blasting.

Shutting down your equipment each day works in reverse - start from the blast pot and work your way back to the compressor (isolating and depressurising as you go).

Grit comparisons